Hello XXXX,

I hope you had a great day, thank you for coming to the lesson and working so hard! I have attached the slides for you to work on when you get a chance to.

Here are some grammar activities for you:



Here is a listening exercise on this topic:


Finally, here is your writing exercise:

Imagine you are planning a day out based on the weather forecast for tomorrow. Write a short paragraph describing what you will do if the weather is sunny, and what you will do if the weather is rainy.


If the weather is sunny tomorrow, I will take a trip to the beach with my friends. We will bring beach towels, play beach volleyball, and swim in the ocean. We might also have a picnic on the sand and enjoy the warmth of the sun. However, if it rains, we will change our plans and go to the cinema instead. We will watch the latest movie and treat ourselves to some popcorn. Rainy days are perfect for indoor activities, and the cinema sounds like a fun and cozy option.

Have a good week and let me know if you have any questions or requests,