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I hope you are well today! Thank you for coming to our lesson, you have been killing it lately. I have attached the slides for you to look at when you have a chance to.

Grammar Exercises:

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Writing Exercise:

Imagine you are a sports coach giving advice to your players. Write a short paragraph for each of the following situations using the first conditional:

  1. Your basketball player needs to improve their shooting skills.
  2. Your soccer team wants to win the championship.
  3. Your track athlete aims to break their personal record in a race.


  1. If you practice shooting regularly, you will improve your shooting skills. Try to focus on your technique and aim for the basket with precision. Remember, consistent practice is the key to becoming a better shooter.

Listening exercise
Try this challenging listening exercise: https://www.esleschool.com/talking-about-sports/

There are also some questions for you too!


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