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Florida Asks Supreme Court to Rule on Social Media Law


Social media is a place that comes with a lot of benefits, but also a lot of risks. It’s often used for learning and self-improvement, sharing your life with others, chatting about hobbies, but on the other side of this people also use it to promote violence, sow discord, or spread hate in the name of free speech. Florida is now asking the Supreme Court to take action.

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Florida Asks Supreme Court to Rule on Social Media Law | True or False

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Full text:

Florida has asked the Supreme Court to rule on whether states can force social media companies to host content they would prefer removing. This is setting up a potential landmark battle over digital speech rights and content moderation that could reshape the country’s First Amendment relationship.

Florida’s attorney general argued that the ability of major social media platforms to promote the views of some users over others means it is critical for justices to weigh in. One Florida law is at the center of this controversy. The law in question allows political candidates to sue social media companies if they are blocked or removed from platforms longer than 14 days.

Opponents representing the tech industry had sued to block that law, arguing it infringed on private companies’ First Amendment rights. Earlier this year, a federal appeals court agreed with that reasoning, ultimately leading to Florida’s petition for Supreme Court intervention.

Legal experts believe that if the law survives being challenged, tech companies could be forced to host spam, hate speech and other material that is legal but problematic. It may also rewrite decades of First Amendment precedent that prohibited governments from compelling private parties to host speech.

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