Fun vs. Funny

What is the difference between the words “fun” and “funny”? Read the descriptions below and then try the quiz to test yourself!


We can use “fun” as a noun meaning enjoyment. It is an uncountable noun.

I had a lot of fun at the party last night!
The children always have fun when they go to the park.

We can always use “fun” as an adjective to describe something enjoyable.

We had a really fun time when we went camping last week.
John loves playing soccer with his friends because it’s fun.


“Funny” can be used to talk about something amusing or that causes laughter. It is an adjective.

We went to a comedy show last weekend. The comedian was so funny!
I saw a movie yesterday that was so funny. I laughed the whole time.

“Funny” can also have another meaning, which is “strange” or “surprising”.

I heard a funny noise outside my house, so I went to look around.

Try this quiz to test your knowledge!

Fun vs. Funny Quiz

Choose fun or funny to best complete the sentences.


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