Give Advice – Second Conditional Exercise

It can be very important to give advice to someone when they are unsure what to do. Maybe a friend is trying to buy a new pair of shoes but they can’t decide which pair they like more, or maybe a coworker is not sure when they should complete a project. A common way to give advice is to use the second conditional. Some examples are:

If I were you, I would not buy the red shoes because they are very ugly.”

If the boss worked on this project, he would complete this project on time.”

This is constructed by the following formula:

If + S + past simple + objects, S + would + verb + objects

Now it looks like you’re learning math and English! A common way to give advice with the second conditional is to put yourself in someone else’s shoes with the phrase, “If I were you,..”. Then describe what you would do in that situation. “If I were you, I would exercise more often.” This is like the first piece of advice above. This is a great phrase to use and it simplifies the creation of new pieces of advice because the first half is done already. But be careful! If you give too much advice people may think that you have a superiority complex, meaning you think that you are better than other people.

Below is some bad advice, finish constructing the sentences by using and conjugating the correct words.

Give Advice - Second Conditional

Complete the sentences using the words in brackets. Remember to conjugate the verb!

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