Here you can find all of our grammar explanations and exercises organized according to the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference), from beginning to advanced. Just click on the level and have fun.

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A1 Level

A1 English grammar is the beginning of your adventure. You are now a basic user of the language. Yay!

A2 Level

At A2 you start to understand sentences and frequently used expressions related to everyday life. Grammar is still challenging, but it is becoming fun!

B1 Level

With a B1 you can begin communicating with native speakers and travel to countries where English is the primary language with little trouble. Grammar is only a game.

B2 Level

You’re out there now! At B2 you can communicate and make yourself understood spontaneously.

C1 Level

There’s little you haven’t encountered yet. You’re more relaxed using English and can probably correct your friends!

C2 Level

You’re super comfortable with the language. You know some idioms, jokes, probably watch shows in English, maybe even without subtitles. It’s a breeze. Who needs grammar anyway?

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