Gratitude Might Be the Secret to Happiness


Gratitude is the quality of being thankful. That means being thankful for food, friends, family or anything else. It’s an important quality that may actually make you happier! Saying things like “I’m glad you’re my friend,” or even a simple, sincere, “thank you” go far in helping to improve people’s days. Give it a try and see if you don’t feel a little better too?

Watch the video and then do the accompanying English language exercises below.

The news is a consistent and endless source of entertainment, knowledge and discovery. Because it plays such a vital part in our lives and is so important to keep up with, it’s doubtless a piece of your daily routine that can’t go ignored.

There are many reasons to read, watch or listen to the news. Understanding the ramifications of recent legislation passed. Listening to recent events and grasping the potential consequences to your country. Or, simply listening to what’s happening in other countries so you can compare them to your own. It’s a staple in our lives and the most reliable way to get information.

That’s why Scrambled Eggs has decided to unite two of your biggest worlds: learning English and keeping up with current events. We hope our challenging exercises, composed of listening, vocabulary and comprehension exercises in English, bring these worlds together in a satisfactory and entertaining way.

So that’s all for the introductions, let’s get to today’s Learn English with the News topic:

Adapted from this article.

Quiz Time!

Gratitude Might Be the Secret to Happiness | Definition Match

Definition Match (10 Questions)

Gratitude Might Be the Secret to Happiness | Fill in the Blank

Fill in the Blank (10 Questions)

Gratitude Might Be the Secret to Happiness | True or False

True or False (5 Questions)

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Full text:

A new poll suggests that the secret to happiness may be expressing gratitude.

A random survey of 2,000 Americans examined a potential connection between gratitude and happiness. It showed that 65% of respondents who report that they’re very happy on a daily basis were more likely to give thanks.

One-third of respondents said they “always” express gratitude in their everyday lives. Of those, 62% said they were “very satisfied” with their lives.

When people are proactive about being grateful, it changes their brain to look for positives instead of the negatives. Acknowledging someone has a large impact on making people feel that their everyday efforts make a difference: feeling appreciated improves their quality of life.

One study done at UC Berkeley showed that people who practice gratitude consistently report many benefits, including: Higher levels of positive emotions; more joy and pleasure, more optimism and happiness, being more helpful, generous, compassionate, and forgiving, feeling less lonely and isolated.

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