Hi everyone,

Excellent work yesterday. The PDF is attached.

Here is the video we watched together:

For homework, try these exercises on reported speech:

Then for some challenging reading homework, take a look at this fascinating article which contains predictions for 2023 taken from 1923:

My advice when reading native articles is not to Google every word, but to check the meaning of a maximum of 6 new words, make a note of them somewhere in a full sentence (e.g. on your phone’s note taking app) and try to review them periodically to make sure that you retain them. Then just try to understand the main ideas of everything else.

Finally, check the final slide of the PDF. Pick a topic on that slide (or any idea of your own) and write a short text about how you thought it would be today, when you were younger! For example , I thought virtual reality would be so widespread by now! I believed we would play sports in VR.

Have a good week and let me know if you have any questions or requests,