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Today’s online mini-grammar lesson by Scrambled Eggs English School in Milan is on using would rather to express preference.  

Would rather, which can be shortened to ‘d rather, is a more elegant way to say ‘prefer.’ We also use it as a formal way to express desire.

Same Subject
When the subject in the sentence is the same, would rather is followed by a pure infinitive (without ‘to’). We use this structure to talk about our own preferences.
Example: What do you want for dinner tonight? An Indian or Chinese takeaway? I’d rather have an Indian takeaway.

Different Subjects
When there are two different subjects in the sentence, would rather is followed by the past simple (to express preference in the present or future). We use this structure to talk about what we want someone else to do.
Example: Who should give the presentation to the client next week? I’d rather you gave the presentation as you know more about the product.

Are you ready to practice this grammatical structure? Try our quiz below!

I'd rather...

Rewrite the sentences using the structure ‘would rather’ like in the example. Use the contraction I’d in each response.

Example: ‘I should go food shopping today, but I’ll go tomorrow.’ would become ‘I’d rather go food shopping tomorrow.’

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