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Improve Your Spelling in English – Dictation

Today’s blog post is dedicated to working on your spelling! Whether you have an IELTS exam coming up soon, or you spend time on the phone in English and you have write down anything from a last name to an email address, this exercise is perfect for your English language needs!

It’s always a bit of a rush when you have someone on the other end spitting out letters on end that you need to frantically write down. This is one of the hardest parts about learning English, as sometimes native English speakers take for granted the fact that you have the alphabet down perfectly and can take direction without any hesitation. Well, now is your time! With the following exercise, you can improve your English comprehension capabilities and be ready for that next phone call or English language exam. Good luck!

City Spelling

How good are your spelling capabilities in English? Let’s give it a try!

Well, how did it go? Are feeling confident just yet in your abilities to copy down the spelling of words in the English language? If the answer is “not so much” then have no fear! Scrambled Eggs English School in Milan has you covered! Check out some more of our English quizzes and exercises on our blog.

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