Hello XXXX,

I hope you are doing well today, thank you for coming to class! You did a wonderful job and should be proud of yourself.

I have attached the slides for you to look at when you have time.

For some homework practice, here are some activities you can try:

Here is a blog post for you: link:https://scrambledeggsinglese.it/the-power-of-innovation-shaping-tomorrows-landscape/

Here is a listening exercise for you – write down any words you don’t know and we can talk about it next time.


Writing Exercise:

Imagine you are the manager of a small business, and you want to encourage innovation among your employees. Write an email to your team, outlining the importance of innovation in the company, how it can benefit both the company and individual employees, and provide some specific examples of innovative ideas or projects they can work on. Encourage them to think creatively and express how their contributions can impact the bottom line.

Let me know if you have any questions,