Hello XXXX,

Great work today! You are continuing to make me feel extremely proud of your work, aptitude, and enthusiasm!

For some listening practice, watch this video about transition words: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZYd3whIRpik

The teacher is great, and she walks through the construction of different sentences, as well as the best ways to use words like In Spite of, Despite, Even Though, Although, and Though, many of which we covered in today’s lesson!

For some grammar/vocabulary, here is one Scrambled Eggs link about determiners: -https://scrambledeggsinglese.it/either-neither-both-all/

Here is some more practice with time connectors:

Lastly, for some reading/writing homework, imagine receiving an offer to go on vacation to Nice, France from your friends. It seems really nice at first, but then you are offered an all-expenses PAID trip to the Maldives (and you have been waiting to go for a while) and you can bring your partner. How would you tell your friends that you would rather go to the Maldives, using words like Whereas, However, Even Though, In Spite of, Therefore, and Hence.

Have a great day!