All Korian course cycles last 20 hours. After 20 hours, the cycle restarts. Students typically continue indefinitely. Some students have been with us non-stop for 3-4 years!

During the course, you have a few things to do:

  • On the first ever lesson that the student does with Scrambled Eggs, the student undergoes an entry evaluation. Use the file ‘Korian Evaluation‘. Ask one of Ani, Ross, or Adam for the file if you do not have it yet. You begin with 2 slides of beginner and lower-intermediate questions. At this point, you will probably have a good idea of whether they should do the easier or harder listening exercise. Send them the appropriate listening link for their level. If you have time after, return to the speaking slides and continue with the more difficult speaking slides which follow if the student is capable.For homework, send them one of the writing exercises from this file! If the student is very low level and can’t sustain a full lesson of speaking exam, you can give them a simple writing task to do in class. This entrance exam will only ever be done once, and for future renewal courses the entrance exam is not necessary.
  • Every 4 lessons (4th lesson, 8th lesson, 12th lesson, 16th lesson), please give them a lot of homework beforehand (to take you 20-25 minutes into the next lesson) and then prepare either a or (This doesn’t apply to A1 / low A2 students, where we can just continue the lessons without these gaps.)
  • At the 10th lesson of every course they have to make a small presentation to you with slides and the whole 9 yards about some topic relevant to their job. During the lessons before the 10th lesson, be sure to remind them about this, and help them brainstorm some topics. This also means that in the 7th and 9th lessons (because the 8th is a news lesson) you should be giving them a bit more language for presentations by orienting our material in a presenting way. We have many lessons with lots of nice presenting language that could be helpful. High levels can do real business things like “My business trip to Berlin” or “The future of the XXX industry” while low levels can do things like “A tour of my office” or “A typical day at my office”
  • The 19th lesson of every course should be a review, meaning take 1-2 key slides from each of the lessons they’ve done in the past and just check for comprehension/memory of the vocab/grammar and have a little conversation to reinforce it. That’s it for the entire hour!
  • The 20th lesson of every course is the final evaluation to track the progress they’ve made. It is composed of a speaking, listening and writing test (using the same file as the initial entry test), and a Kahoot quiz that you can make (we have an Excel with quiz questions associated with each lesson so it’s super simple to make) – here is the procedure for how to make a Kahoot:

In the past, once they had finished these twenty hours, they usually always continued barring any abnormal events like quitting or having a super intense period of lesson. We used to contact Korian HR and confirm the renewal after every 20 hours, but that is no longer necessary. All students now automatically restart the 20 hour cycle after their final progress check.

When you do the entrance and exit tests, please score the speaking, listening and writing on a score out of 15. Write it in the Excel in the comment section, also giving the student a level (B1.4, B2.1, A2.9). These statistics are very important because at the end of the course we have to send these numbers to Korian to track their progress. It’s purely your opinion, and the important thing is that there is an improvement from one course to the next. You should also update the ‘Korian Levels‘ file in the ‘Courses’ folder. If you have any doubts about how to do this, contact one of us on Slack.

You will receive an invite on teams for the lesson directly from the student. Sometimes they arrive, sometimes they don’t! If it’s 10 minutes before and you still have nothing, send them an email politely asking for the link.  If they send you a link but after 3-4 minutes they haven’t joined, send them an email letting them know you’re in the room of the link they sent and to let you know if there are any problems with the link. This protocol must be followed even if a student is often late. You should CC in all communication of this type.


Important note about cancelling: All Korian students follow our policy of needing 15 hours of notice to cancel the lesson. If they cancel with less notice, all lessons count, so please write 1 in the Excel and under content write “NO SHOW”. Additionally, if the students want to cancel, please remind them that they need to send an email to with their colleague Sofia Farano in copy. If you are asked about any potential scheduling changes, such as a student wanting to change their hour, ask them to email hello@.

If they do directly write to you asking to cancel/change a lesson, please just forward it to hello@ and the admins will take care of it.