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Learn English with Katy Perry – Chained to the Rhythm

Katy Perry is back and as big as ever with her new hit Chained to the Rhythm. Watch it here (lyrics below):

And now for an exercise on some of the more difficult vocabulary words from the song. See how you do!

Chained to the Rhythm Vocabulary

Match the vocabulary with the definition.

All good? Have another listen to the song and try to find the above words. We hope you don’t have any trouble!

Additionally, there are a few interesting expressions used by Katy Perry in the lyrics. Let’s have a look:

stumble around – to move with no direction or purpose

tone deaf – unable to distinguish differences in music, or in this case continuing to live the same life without change

the drink is on me – on me in this case means “I’ll buy it for you!”

Before closing up, let’s see if you can fill in the blanks for the song lyrics, using the words from the above exercises:

Chained to the Rhythm Lyric Fill-In

Fill in the blanks from Katy Perry’s Chained to the Rhythm!


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