Hello XXX,

I hope you are doing well today, thank you for coming to our lesson and participating! I have attached the slides for you to look at when you get a chance to!

For some extra practice, here are some exercises for you.

First, here is a reading comprehension about healthy lifestyles! There are some questions as well for you to try.


Next, here is a listening for you, also with a quiz at the end!


And finally, an optional writing exercise:

Think about your lifestyle and experiences. Write a short paragraph (about 100-150 words) answering the following questions:

  1. Have you ever tried any extreme sports or activities?
  2. Have you ever traveled to a different country or culture?
  3. What healthy habits have you developed in your daily routine?
  4. Have you ever participated in any social or community events?
  5. Do you have any future plans to change your lifestyle in any way?

Remember to use the present perfect tense in your answers. Also, try to include some lifestyle-related vocabulary to showcase your language skills.


Let me know if you have any questions or concerns,