Manzoni Poster Challenge

The Manzoni High School 1st year students participated in a school-wide art competition where they created posters to dissuade people from using plastic. Have a look at the below gallery and vote for your favorite artwork!


Class 1A:
“Keep The Sea plastic free” a project to raise awareness of the use of marine-themed plastics! We chose these images and this sentence because we think that with these, people can understand that nature and especially that the sea suffers from the use of plastic, these images represent in an abstract sense the life of marine animals that suffer a lot and that don’t have a safe and clean home.

Class 1B:

Our poster is divided in two parts: the first part aims to raise awareness and the second one suggests some simple solutions that we all can do to decrease plastic pollution. With our project we also want to show that there is still time to preserve our world if we all start now together!

Class 1C:

The project “there is not a planet B” means that we must bcommitted to save our planet becaese the sustainability is the priority for our and the netx generation. Besides this idea that there is not a second chance for our planet concerns  everybody 

Class 1D:

Our poster has the aim to persuade people to reduce plastic. Here we explain the consequences of the use of plastic on the ocean and on the environment. At last we give some ideas to reduce on our own the use of plastic.

Class 1E:

We have chosen to represent the world situation around pollution by modifying the artwork of hokusai and adding a QR code we have tried to draw attention to the amount of time it takes plastic to decompose once in the sea.

Class 1G:
This is our poster to induce people to use less plastic as possible and to do this we showed four animals that live in the sea that every day are killed by plastic.

Class 1H:


We exposed the main issues caused by the intense use of plastic: plastic never goes away, it affects human health and it poisons our food chain. It’s a very common material and we can find it even in chewing gums. To recycle in a better way chewing gums, it was introduced this initiative called Gumdrop, a bin designed specifically for the disposal of waste chewing gum, but also made with waste chewing gum. We wanted also to promote the adoption, even in our own small way, of some measures to reduce the plastic waste.

Class 1I:
In these two posters we tried to spread the problem of plastic and plastic pollution.

Class 1L:
Our poster is an invitation to use less plastic, a major problem in our society. We believe this is an original way to get teens involved.

Class 1F:

This is our poster we made in order to convince people to use less plastic. It represents how humans are ruining nature, in particular the sea life.




And it’s time to vote! Voting time will go from Wednesday 12/05 at 7 p.m. until Friday 21/05 until 11:59 p.m. Good luck to all classes! The prize for the winner is a secret and will be announced at the end of the competition.

*** Votes are only valid with a Liceo Manzoni email address

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