Metal detecting in field

Metal Detectorist Unearths Gold Pendant With Initials of Katherine of Aragon


One metal detectorist seems to have all the luck! Jokes aside, this fortunate hobbyist struck gold when he found a missing pendant worth quite a bit. Will the UK government purchase it or will it be placed into a museum? Time will tell.

Watch the video and then do the accompanying English exercises below.

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Quiz Time!

Metal Detectorist Unearths Gold Pendant With Initials of Katherine of Aragon | Definition Match

Match the following words with their correct definition.

Metal Detectorist Unearths Gold Pendant With Initials of Katherine of Aragon | Fill in the Blank

Fill in the blanks with the correct word.

Metal Detectorist Unearths Gold Pendant With Initials of Katherine of Aragon | True or False

Decide if the statements are true or false.

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Full text for Metal Detectorist Unearths Gold Pendant With Initials of Katherine of Aragon:

In Warwickshire after a day of finding junk, Clark found a 300-gram necklace made of 24-carat gold believed to have either belonged to or commissioned as a present for King Henry VIII and his first wife Katherine of Aragon.
Despite seeming too good to be true, the curator of Renaissance Europe at the British Museum confirms that the find is genuine. But what was it doing buried in a field in Warwickshire, and what its connection was to the King and his wife? These questions have no answer at the moment.
The pendant bears the initials H and K on one side. Further evidence of its royal designation comes from the design on the front—a Tudor rose formed by precious stones, and a pomegranate bush, the latter the symbol of Katherine’s house. Lastly, on the underside it reads TOV IOURS, a blend between the translations of Toujours and All Yours, IOURS being the Old English spelling.
One hypothesis of its origin was that it was made by a wealthy courtier to be a present for them, but that it was perhaps never delivered or stolen. Another theory was that it could have been made for one of the tournaments which Henry VIII was so fond of putting on.
The pendant was deemed treasure under the UK’s Treasure Act which allows the government to buy archaeological and historical finds for fair market value based on metal and antiquity trades. The sum has not been released, it will likely be split with the landowner of the field where the pendant was found.

That’s one lucky metal detectorist!

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