Misophonia – When Sounds Make You Angry


Misophonia is when everyday sounds like chewing, crunching, yawning, sniffling, talking and tapping drive some people crazy. It’s not very common but it may explain a few things…

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Quiz Time!

Misophonia | Definition Match

Match the words to their correct definitions.

Misophonia | Fill in the Blank

Fill in the blank with the correct word from the video.

Misophonia | True or False

Decide if each statement is true or false.

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Full text for Misophonia – When Sounds Make You Angry:

Does the sound of someone chewing annoy you? Well, there may be a reason for that. Or does the sound of someone slowly sipping their tea tickle your nerves? Maybe they sniff a little louder than you’d like…
Research from King’s College London and the University of Oxford suggests 18.4% of the general UK population report that certain sounds cause problems for them – known as “misophonia.” It can trigger a strong negative reaction to common sounds, such as breathing, yawning, or the sound of someone tapping. The NHS says misophonia is specifically when certain sounds make people angry.
After looking at samples from 772 people – of different ages and ethnicities in the UK – the researchers found that only 13.6% of people had heard about the condition, and 2.3% identified as having it. The study also revealed that misophonia was equally common in men and women and that it tended to be less severe with age.
There are two forms of sensitive hearing. While misophonia causes emotional discomfort, hyperacusis causes physical discomfort. According to the NHS, hyperacusis is when everyday sounds sound louder than they should, which sometimes can become painful. If you have hyperacusis, you may be affected by sounds like a dog barking, a car engine, the sound of someone chewing, a vacuum cleaner or even coins jingling.
The NHS says that hyperacusis can affect one or both ears and can come suddenly or develop over time.

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