Need – English Grammar Exercise

It’s time for another exercise based on one of the most important verbs in the English language, “need”! This verb is essential if you want to express how you feel, what you must do, or simply what you want in life.

Today at Scrambled Eggs Milano we’ve prepared a fill-in-the-blank English exercise for all you English language learners out there! This one is an English grammar exercise where you need to find the right verb to express the idea of “need.”

Do you think you are ready! Why don’t we give it a try?

Need + Verb | Fill in the Blank

Fill in the empty spaces with the right verb to express the idea of “need.”

How did you do? If you aren’t satisfied, why don’t you try the exercise again? After all, practice is the best way to learn English! If you didn’t do well, I think you need to study more! But don’t worry, you need to keep calm, because Rome wasn’t built in a day! You need to continue studying, and Scrambled Eggs is here for you!

If you think you still have a little bit of energy left in you to do another exercise, how about another one we have on our English language blog about the verb “need”? Check out the link here, and be sure to leave a comment with your results and any question you might have!

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Whether you’re taking an English course here in Milan or you simply want to boost your language skills with loads of online English language exercises, Scrambled Eggs is here for you! Check out our vast collection which includes hundreds of exercises for all levels, and if you think there are some exercises, topics or videos we should add more of, be sure to send an email our way at

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