Negative Past Tense

Past tense verbs can be tricky! Take a look at the explanation below, and then try the quiz to test your knowledge!

To form a negative simple past tense verb we use didn’t + verb.

I didn’t go to the party last night.
We didn’t eat pasta for dinner.

The only exception is the be verb. With wasn’t and weren’t we don’t use didn’t.

I wasn’t happy last week.
They weren’t late to the game.

Make sure to pay attention to the differences between affirmative and negative verbs:

She went to work yesterday.
She didn’t go to work yesterday.

We wanted to have cereal for breakfast.
We didn’t want to have cereal for breakfast.

Try the quiz!

Negative Past Tense | Fill in the Blank

Write the correct negative past tense verb to complete the sentence.

Negative Past Tense Quiz

Are these sentences correct or incorrect?

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