English group courses at Scrambled Eggs are always dynamic, exciting and full of laughter. English classes at our school in Milan are definitely a blast, but we also offer online group courses for those who still want the innovative and pioneering Scrambled Eggs method without being able to make the trek all the way to the classroom.

As a matter of fact, our online group lessons are a great experience because students from all over the world participate in our English courses, which can create for both a cultural experience while also promoting English even more both during the course and for correspondences outside of the lesson.

What makes our online English lessons stand out from the rest?

We prefer to use the Zoom platform  for group lessons, as we believe it is the most suitable platform for English group lessons. When using Zoom, our Native English teachers offer an experience equivalent to that of the classroom as they share their screens to use our conversation-based English lessons hand-selected for the level of the group as well as the types of personalities within that group.

Probably the most difficult problem English teachers face is getting their students to speak as much as possible in a group. We do our best to get the most out of every minute of the class, what with our role-plays, presentations, and group work that is always based around the topic of the day during lesson.

Fortunately, the time dedicated to students talking during English lesson has been massively facilitated by a feature Zoom offers known as “Breakout Rooms,” which is vital for group courses.

With these feature, our Native English teachers are able to break students up into small groups and have them carry out various exercises. And if you’re scared that the teacher is unable to check the students’ progress, have no fear! This feature allows the teacher to enter and exit the breakout rooms as he/she wishes, checking in on the students to see if they are speaking well and working out any eventual problems.

So what are you waiting for? Scrambled Eggs has you covered for any and every language need, even if you are in another city or even country! Book your free level today today with one of our Native English teachers and start improving your English right away!

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