Past Tense Embarrassing Story

People tell stories every day, maybe about a funny thing that happened last week or the way they met their best friend. The past tense is extremely useful when telling a story because often stories are events that happened in the past!

Telling stories of the past is a great way to share something funny or informative in an interesting way. There are many kinds of stories as well. Some of them teach morals or lessons that might be difficult to explain with plain words. Telling it as a story also makes the lesson more memorable or interesting!  Grimm’s fairy tales are full of lessons for naughty children, though sometimes it may be difficult to uncover the moral. The stories we usually tell friends however are ones that happen in our daily lives. Something they may find funny or interesting, or maybe they’ll understand you better once they’ve heard it. I prefer a funny story that makes people laugh!


I’m sure we all have an embarrassing story to tell, but they don’t always have bad endings! In the embarrassing story below, fill in the blanks with the given verb in the past tense. Has something similar to this happened to you?

Past Tense Quiz

Fill in the blanks with the given verb in the past tense.


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