Phrasal Verbs Used in Business

Today’s English ESL grammar topic of the day is a set of phrasal verbs in the business world. Read through the different phrasal verbs and their meanings. Begin to think about when you could use these phrasal verbs in your own job. Once you feel confident with your new phrases, be sure to take the quiz at the end!

Different phrasal verbs:

  1. called in = asked to do something
  • I was called in by my boss to cover my coworkers’ shift
  1. catch up = do something that should be done
  • Since returning from vacation, I have so many colleagues to catch up
  1. give in = surrender
  • We should not give in to the competitors threats but believe in company’s abilities.
  1. get back to you = reply on that.
  • Sorry, but I will need to get back to you about if I can attend that meeting.
  1. work something out = agree
  • Do you think we can work something out so we both do not need to fly to Japan for the business trip?
  1. step in = take their place
  • When my boss was sick, I decided to step in for my boss.
  1. run this by = tell
  • I must run this by my client before I approve of the new campaign.
  1. put in a good word = say something positive
  • Your previous employer put in a good word for you when I called her regarding your new job.
  1. turn to = get help from

I hope you know you can always turn to me for help if you are feeling overwhelmed at work.

Phrasal Verbs Used in Business - Quiz

Complete the sentences.

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