Plant Vocabulary


Many people keep plants in their home, but taking care of plants can be very difficult! Some people have a green thumb and are able to grow many different types of plants. Other people (like me) struggle with taking care of their plants. Sometimes the plants get too much water and sometimes not enough! Here are some tips that will help your plants stay healthy.

1) Place your plants near a window! It is important for plants to get lots of sunlight, especially if they live indoors. Most artificial light is not good enough for plants, they need natural light.

2) Watch the leaves! If the leaves are wilting and turning yellow then they may have too much water. If the tips of the leaves are brown or dry then they do not have enough water.

3) Pay attention to the seasons! In winter, plants will need less water. It’s also important not to repot them in winter because they are dormant. Also be careful they don’t get too cold at night! Also, because the windows are closed the leaves may collect dust. The leaves should be cleaned so they can absorb more sunlight. In spring and summer plants need more water and may have bright green leaves to show that they are growing.

Try the following quiz!

Plant Vocabulary Quiz

Match the word with the correct definition!


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