Protests – ESL Reading Comprehension and Vocabulary Quiz

In this post you will be learning about an uncommon activity, protesting! A protest is when a group of people come together to voice a shared opinion in the hopes that a grievance can be fixed. Grievances are often about things like money, time, freedoms, or simply respect. Protests can come in all different sizes, from students occupying a school to revolutionaries overthrowing the government.

There are different types of protests as well, some involving the public and others focusing only on the relationship between the protester and the one they are protesting against. A sit-in is common for students, they occupy school but refuse to attend classes for example. Or a hunger strike may be performed by prisoners when they refuse to eat anything until conditions change. Picketers stand outside a business holding their namesake signs on sticks to warn others about an unfair practice. A march is when a group of people walk the streets and block traffic holding banners to let their struggles be known. Strikers go on strike and refuse to perform their jobs perhaps at a factory or in Milan if they work for public transportation! These are examples of nonviolent protests. Ghandi and Martin Luther King Jr are famous for their nonviolent approach to protesting.

Protests Quiz

Fill in the blank with the correct word!

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