Hello XXX,

I hope you are doing well today, thank you for coming to our lesson, you did a GREAT job! I have attached the sllides for you to look at when you get a chance to.

For some extra practice, here are some homework exercises you can work on,

A reading exercise about the London Eye: https://scrambledeggsinglese.it/esl-reading-exercise-the-london-eye/

Here are two video/listening comprehension exercises as well:

Finallly, here is a writing exercise for you-

Imagine you are planning a trip to a foreign country. Write an email to a travel agency, expressing your interest in their travel packages and asking for information about the following:

  1. Available tour packages to your chosen destination.
  2. Types of accommodation they offer.
  3. Optional activities and sightseeing opportunities included in the packages.
  4. Cost of the packages and any additional expenses to consider.
  5. Duration of the tours and departure dates.

Let me know if you have any questions or concerns!