Remember to do vs. Remember doing | English Grammar Exercise

Today’s online mini-grammar lesson by Scrambled Eggs English School in Milan is on the difference use and meaning between remember + infinitive and remember + gerund.

Remember can be followed by either an infinitive or a gerund, but there is a difference in meaning!

Remember + Infinitive
When remember is followed by an infinitive it means we have the intention to do something, whether we do it or not. In other words, to not forget to do something. We use remember + infinitive to talk about things that we need to do. We remember first and then do the action second.

Remember + Gerund
When remember is followed by a gerund it means we have remembered something that happened in the past. In short, you can recall the memory and have an image of it in your mind. We use remember + gerund to talk about actions in the past. We do the action first and then later remember it.

Are you ready to practice what you have just learnt? Try our quiz below!

Remember to do vs. Remember doing

Fill in the gaps using the verb in parentheses. For each question, you will need to decide whether to use the gerund or the infinitive.

How did you do? You can try more of our quizzes by clicking here. I’d recommend you to try our quiz on the difference between remind and remember!

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