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The Standardized Assessment Test, also known as the SAT, is debatably the most important test in the United States for a high school student. Your score on this exam could open up potential doors into the future, providing extraordinary opportunities both for university and for your professional career. And this is exactly why the proper preparation is necessary to get the highest score possible.

Beyond the SAT preparation classes that Scrambled Eggs offers in Milan, we also hold SAT test simulations at our English school in the Navigli district 2 weeks before every international SAT exam session occurs.

What exactly does an SAT test simulation entail? 

We put our students through the rigorous conditions of the actual exam, meaning they have to follow all the rules regarding food, staying seated, taking breaks and even using the right calculators/pencils. Not only will the SAT simulation help students feel at ease during the actual exam, it also helps them get used to the timing of the individual parts of the test and also how to manage their focus and concentration on exam day.

Our qualified native English teachers, who proctor the SAT simulation as well, will also grade the simulation and provide key insight into how the exam went, which questions the student got wrong and what they can do to practice in the future.

With such an important test coming up, do everything in your power to prepare to the max!

**SAT Simulations take place 2 weeks before the SAT international exam sessions, from 10 am to 1 p.m. Cost: €90/person (with a 10% discount for current Scrambled Eggs clients)

Exam dates for the 2022-2023 School Year:


SAT Exam Date: SAT Simulation Date:
01/10/22 24/09/22
03/12/22 19/11/22
11/03/23 25/02/23
06/05/23 15/04/23
03/06/23 20/05/23


We’re looking forward to helping you get the best score possible, and we can’t wait to see you on test day!

For more information contact Scrambled Eggs English School at or by phone at +39 02.494.13909. If on the other hand you’re interested in an SAT preparation course, feel free to book your free level test with one of our Native English teachers today!

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