Hello XXX,

Great work today in the lesson. You are doing a wonderful job.

Please find the slides attached.

For homework here are some exercises you could do:

First, a video



Next, here is an activity to continue practicing human body parts:


Also, please listen to this audio for the next lesson. Try to fill in the gaps and do the true/false exercise:


Finally, here is an optional writing task for you:

‘your friend is going on a vacation, but doesn’t know where to go and has asked you for some advice/suggestions’

Write a paragraph giving some advice to your friend –

– where should they go?

– What is there to do?

– How long should they stay?

Let me know if you have any questions or concerns!



Your homework assignment is to imagine you’re calling the doctor’s office to book an appointment for your son. Write the conversation and be prepared to present it next time! Plus, if you want to do some extra practise, have a look at this online exercise