If you’re reading this, it means you now know too much!



Here are some of the Scrambled Eggs language series. The list is in constant evolution and therefore may not be completely up-to-date:

A1 Beginner series

  1. Likes/Dislikes
  2. Likes/Dislikes/Favorites – usually at least 2 lessons, maybe 3
  3. Charlie and Angela (1)
  4. Charlie and Sarah (2)
  5. Charlie and Sarah (3)
  6. Adv_freq
  7. Activities_Groupwork – for groups integrate DailyRoutineSHEETS
  8. DaysOfTheWeek
  9. Routine-AdvFreq
  10. Basic-Adj (+ Fred’s Day) – can be split into two if necessary
  11. Split screen
  12. Questions
  13. Guess who? FACES
  14. John’s Day
  15. Can+How-Much (usually 2 hours)
  16. Need+adj
  17. Need+adjpt2
  18. On a diet
  19. Can+Need Jobs
  20. NEED Seasons + Weather
  21. 20 Questions
  22. Describing City
  23. Around the world
  24. My home series (see below)


  1. City Apartment Part 1
  2. City Apartment Part 2
  3. Come on in
  4. Taboo (if you think student is ready for a game!)
  5. Three Cities
  6. A lot of town (also available in business version ‘A lot of Business’)
  7. Too Many Cook

Basic Descriptions Series (from Mid A2 to High B1)

  1. What should I do? A2 (available in ‘What should I do? Business’)
  2. Flowcharts
  3. Sports Time (also available as ‘Business Time‘)
  4. Favorite Film
  5. Museums Roleplay


  1. Restaurant Review (Also available in ‘Business Review’)
  2. What are you wearing?
  3. Scrammy Café 1 (up to Mr. Bean)
  4. Scrammy Café 2 (audio + roleplays)
  5. Time + Ordering
  6. Photo Portraits
  7. On the Street
  8. Postcards
  9. Asking for Directions


  1. Welcome to my home
  2. Weekend with Celebs, also available in business form (formerly known as Pres_Cont_Fut_Celebs)
  3. Dan Next Week


  1. Bad Hair Day
  2. Board Games
  3. Seasons+Weather 1st Cond
  4. 1st conditional sports (skip if no interest in sports)
  5. 1st Conditional Saving Lives
  6. 1st Conditional Future Changes (Question Forming)


  1. Transport Comparatives
  2. Paris vs. New York (potentially 2 hours)
  3. Three Cities (usually for students bordering A2-B1 but also for higher if they like travel/geography)
  4. Food comparatives
  5. Fashion Comparatives
  6. Family Tree Comparatives
  7. Professional Comparatives (if business-oriented)
  8. Job Talk (if business-oriented)
  9. Stages of Life
  10. Personal Talents
  11. Simply the Best (Also available in BUSINESS form)
  12. The Best Hobbies (pt.2)
  13. Guinness World Records Group
  14. Majority Rules
  15. New Age

Going to Future Series

  1. Going to jobs
  2. Going to predictions
  3. Work-life balance (available in school and travel forms)
  4. Then go to first conditional series

Opinion series

  1. Debates lower
  2. Agreeing and Disagreeing at the Heartbreak Hotel

Too vs. Enough Series (High A2-Low/Mid B1)

  1. Too enough houses
  2. Too vs. Enough Jobs (possible 3 hours)
  3. Phobias
  4. Maximum Capacity

If they’re good enough (mid B1), move on to Crime Series below!


  1. Who did it?
  2. Murder Mystery (at Scrammy version)
  3. FBI Archives
  4. Passive Actions
  5. Passive Ice Cream
  6. Accidental Museum
  7. Revolutionary Inventions (Only for higher levels)

HAVE YOU EVER? (Low B1-Mid B1)

  1. Airport Experiences (or ‘Business Experiences‘)
  2. Airport Roleplays
  3. Airport Customs
  4. Live Music
  5. Bucket List
  6. Around the world
  7. Make vs. Do
  8. Lifestyles (Bit harder, judge by the student’s level)
  9. If ready, move on to passives!

Used to (Past Habits) (Low B1-Mid B1)

  1. Hobbies Phrasal Verbs
  2. Technology Used To
  3. Before&After


  1. Professional Comparatives (if business-oriented)
  2. Job Talk (if business-oriented)
  3. Simply the Best BUSINESS


  1. Can+Need Jobs
  2. Can+How-Much BUSINESS
  3. John’s Day
  4. Everyday Jobs
  5. What should I do? A2 business
  6. Business Review
  7. Company Growth
  8. Guess who business SIMPLIFIED
  9. Company Presentations low b1
  10. Business Experiences
  11. Guess What Business
  12. See modals series

MEDIUM BUSINESS SERIES (Mid to High B1 and beyond)

  1. Making Moves
  2. Workplace roles
  3. Guess who business
  4. Job training
  5. Company Presentations (this lesson can be placed anywhere whenever you think the student is ready for it)
  6. Business Accidents
  7. Tavern on the Green
    At this point, not necessarily business-oriented!
  8. Major Passions (split into 2 parts)
  9. Would you mind
  10. Would you mind 2 (with audio) only for more business-
  11. Adjectives of difficulty
  12. Virgin Mentor
  13. Pitch making
  14. The Office Bad News

Advanced Business Series (B2 and up)

  1. Takeovers
  2. Small talk (if you think this is suitable for the student)
  3. Cutting corners
  4. Uber Rating
  5. What Went Wrong
  6. Kaizen Awards
  7. Business Decision Board Game
  8. Business Leadership Lesson
  9. Hitting the Market
  10. Podcast Q%A (Requires Prep)
  11. Future Phrasal Verbs Business

Interview Preparation Series

  1. Interview Presentation
  2. Interview-Prep
  3. Interview Questions and Answers

Modals Series (from low B1 to high B1)

  1. Should Shouldn’t
  2. Restaurant roleplays
  3. Should-must-have-to
  4. Risky Business
  5. Rising to the Occasion
  6. Ready for Take-Off
  7. Scheduling Appointments (2 hours)
  8. Chic Boutique (Business or non-business)
  9. Miracle
  10. Educated Guesses
  11. About to Disasters
  12. Don’t have to Mustn’t
  13. Being polite (if you think the student will never do the ‘countries’ series)
  14. Bad Pets

Countries Travel Series (from low B1 to high B1)

  1. Describing Flags (if you think student could like this)
  2. Countries
  3. Trip advisor (easier version for low B1)
  4. Being Polite (potentially split into 2)
  5. Favorites
  6. Tour Guide (potentially split into 2)
  7. Taxis
  8. Average Joe
  9. Planning Parties (exists in a B1 and B2 version)
  10. Mr. Indifferent
  11. Bad Habits
  12. Flatmates (exists also in Business version of “Coworkers”)
  13. British Etiquette
  14. Room 101
  15. Zero Waste

Looks Like Series  (Mid B1-B2)

  1. Describing Objects
  2. Accidental Museums
  3. Infomercials
  4. Looks Like

Past Continuous Negotiation Series (Mid B1 to Low B2)

  1. Technology Past Continuous
  2. Modern History Past Continuous
  3. Art Attack
  4. Housing Crisis
  5. Calling For Help
  6. Craigslist Calls

Advanced Comparative (from Mid B1 to B2)

  1. Paris vs. New York
  2. Television Lane – this one is more for high B1/B2
  3. Game Shows
  4. Niche Sports
  5. Simply the Best (integrating Television Lane vocab, also available in BUSINESS form)
  6. Majority Rules

More, More Series (from Mid B1 to B2)

  1. Addicted
  2. Be Real
  3. Infomercials
  4. Famous Injuries
  5. Frankly


  1. Was/went
  2. Celebrate good times
  3. Historical events
  4. Dan’s Day Past
  5. Meeting People
  6. Past Questions
  7. Travel Disasters
  8. AirBnB
  9. Storytelling worksheet
  10. Mr. Sunny and the Thief
  11. Training Day
  12. Firsts
  13. Get Away Travel
  14. Guess What?
  15. Memorable Experiences
  16. So Many So Much Fashion
  17. Adjectives of Difficulty (easier version)
  18. Mr. Indifferent
  19. Difficult Situations
  20. Biggest achievements (only if they’re really strong at this point, this lesson is at least mid B1)
  21. Major Passions
  22. Would you mind
  23. Study Techniques


If they’re a chatty group/student – work in “Holidays Past” after “Past Questions” but otherwise skip it

Connectives Series (Mid B1 – Low B2)

  1. Chic Presentations (if applicable)
  2. How do you adv
  3. Up for it
  4. Connectives taboo
  5. Jim Parssons (best ever) or Best Ever Influencer
  6. Town Hall

2nd conditional:

  1. 4 Day Work Week
  2. Stressed out
  3. Inconveniences
  4. Superheroes (only for more creative types)
  5. Arguments
  6. Apartments and more
  7. Solarbox
  8. Social Clubs

Infinitive vs. Gerund Series (High B1 – B2)

  1. Rather not
  2. Allowed to B2
  3. Putting it off
  4. Cirque du Soleil

Strong B2 Culture Series:

  1. Podcasts
  2. Podcasts Q&A (only for individual students or a group of students who do the same line of work)
  3. App Tank
  4. Houses for 1 Euro
  5. The Last Tourist
  6. Craigslist
  7. Cultural Norms
  8. Technical Timeline
  9. Design Week
  10. Debates
  11. Unique Destinations
  12. DIY TED Talks
  13. Self-driving Cars

B2/C1 Business Series

  1. Innovative Offices
  2. Innovation

B2 New Starts Used to Series

  1. New Starts
  2. Radio Help
  3. First impressions (business oriented, so depends on student)
  4. Used to Culture
  5. It’s customary
  6. Estrella the dog (VERY DIFFICULT, only for C1)
  7. Get phrasal verbs (assign lots of hmwk as next lesson is smaller)
  8. Get supplement


Reported Speech B2 Series:

  1. Houses 2020
  2. Burger Mania
  3. To be completed…

Strong B2/C1 Speculation Series:

  1. Wishful thinking
  2. Fast Fashion (if you think student is into this)
  3. Fancy Dress (if you think student can handle past, go for it. Otherwise switch everything to present)
  4. Speculating the Unspeculated
  5. What are the odds?
  6. Entrepreneurs
  7. Good news, bad news
  8. DIY TED Talks

Present Perfect Continuous:

  1. Rough Drafts
  2. PPC Timothy
  3. Community Centre
  4. National Landmarks
  5. Festivals
  6. Majestic Relationships

Advanced Marketing Series B2 – C1:

  1. PR Nightmares
  2. Advert and Emotions
  3. Flowcharts (if they haven’t done it in a previous series)
  4. Direct TV (Elicit 3rd Conditional)
  5. What Went Wrong
  6. Screen Time Marketing
  7. Hitting the Market

3rd Conditional Series (B2-C1)

  1. 3rd conditional – decisions
  2. 3rd conditional – regrets
  3. Marathon Man
  4. Direct TV
  5. Famous Regrets
  6. 3rd Conditional Love


IELTS Academic Series

  1. IELTS Writing 1 Introductions
  2. IELTS Writing 1 Descriptions
  3. Correct homework (full writing 1) + IELTS speaking lesson (these are normal Scrambled Eggs lessons but slightly modified in order to have a speaking simulation at the end)
  4. Writing 2 Intro (tell them to do a listening practice test for homework)
  5. Writing 2 Keywords & Map Listening
  6. Reading Packet (if really struggling, we also have a slideshow called TFNG which you can send for homework)
  7. Correct homework (full writing 2) + IELTS speaking lesson (these are normal Scrambled Eggs lessons but slightly modified in order to have a speaking simulation at the end)
  8. Writing 2 Skeleton OR Writing 2 Manias (<- Manias for high B1 and up who are doing well with the Writing 2, otherwise writing skeleton to help them plan their ideas, and then do some “speed writing intros” where you give them a prompt and make them do the intro in 4-6 minutes, keep doing this until you’re satisfied, then finish with a speaking!)
  9. Writing 1 Maps & Diagrams and full speaking simulation
  10. Final hour dedicated to whatever they need to work on or feel they need to work on- could be more reading examples, could be vocab for writing, could be speaking simulations

EXTRAS (for upper levels and/or for students doing more than 10 hours):

  • IELTS Writing 1 – Comparisons
  • IELTS Reading – Strategy
  • IELTS Listening Tips
  • IELTS Listening Book 4 (full IELTS listening)
  • IELTS Band 7.5 Writing Examples
  • IELTS Writing Part 2 Environment Vocab



APP TANK (5 hours)

  1. App tank: brief discussion about apps, adjectives, phrasal verbs and 3 app descriptions – If you have a more hostile class, introduce the competition now. This is because the idea of a competition really engages the student. If they are great, introduce later (see lesson 3)
  2. New app descriptions: tell them the week before to do the following hmwk: Download a new app that you’ve never used before. Prepare a 1 minute presentation about the app using a minimum of 5 verbs that we learned last time in class
  3. Pitch making + Shark Tank Competition explanation
  4. Invented app presentations part 1

Invented app presentations part 2 (if the class has 20+ people) + Shark Voting

Convo Classes (to be expanded)

  1. Should Shouldn’t debates