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Two of the words that people often struggle with in English are so and such. It can be difficult to know how to use these words and when to use them correctly. Are you one of these people? Well then fear not, we are hear with a fantastic explanation of so and such to help you figure it out once and for all. Read the explanation below and then try our quiz. Good luck!

So and such both do the same role. They intensify a statement and give it more emphasis. They have the same meaning as ‘very’.

E.g. He is very kind = He is so kind

E.g. He is very kind = He is such a kind man


The grammatical difference, as you can see, is that so is used with an adjective, whereas such is used with a noun phrase.

E.g. He is so kind = Subject + verb + so + adjective

E.g. He is such a kind man = Subject + verb + such + noun phrase


We can also add so in front of much, many, little and few to add more emphasis

E.g. There was so much mess in the house.


Such is always used before a noun, even when we have an adjective before it

E.g. She walks with such style/ She walks with such elegant style


Such is used when we have a noun phrase with a/an

E.g. It was such a cold night

E.g. He is such an angry man


We use so before adverbs

E.g. They sang so brilliantly


So and Such | Fill in the Gap

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