Hello XXX,

Amazing class, you made some great progress today. I have attached the slides for you to review whenever you get a chance. Here is some homework for you to complete before our next lesson!

First, describe your favorite object. Choose your favorite object and prepare to describe it in 3-4 sentences. Think about its color,size, shape, and why you like it! Practice speaking with a friend or family member and be ready to share next class. 

Then, complete this exercise to practice describing things: https://www.esleschool.com/a1-describing-things/

Lastly, fill in the blank with the correct preposition! 

The book is ___ the table. 

The cat is hiding ___ the bed. 

There is a lamp ___ the sofa and the chair. 

The clock is ___ the wall. 

The dog is sitting ___ the chair. 

The keys are ___ my bag. 

The vase is ___ the shelf. 

The backpack is ___ the desk. 

The painting is hanging ___ the door. 

The car is parked ___ the house. 

Have a great day!