milan starbucks opening coffee controversy news video

Starbucks Milano – L’invasione americana a Milano

Watch this YouTube video from CBS (published November  25th 2017) and listen for the following phrases:

  • “coffee is simple and straightforward
  • “makes for awkward conversation here”
  • “tradition runs deep
  • “is Italian coffee culture under threat?”
  • “are catering to American tastes
  • “to stay at the counter
  • “there’s plenty
  • lamenting the looming US import”
  • “to concoct something else strong”
  • “to hold their ground

Can you hear them? Listen again to check.

milan starbucks opening coffee controversy news video

What do they mean? Look at the alternatives below:

  • coffee is not complicated, and easy to do
  • causes uncomfortable conversation
  • tradition is very serious and old
  • is Italian coffee culture in danger?
  • are giving Americans what they are accustomed to
  • to remain at the bar surface, not at the table
  • there’s a lot
  • expressing sadness about the imminent American import
  • to create something else strong
  • to stay where they are, to not retreat

Have you visited the new Milan Starbucks yet? Or Starbucks in another country? Tell us what you think about it’s arrival in Milan in the comments below!

To practice your English further, write a summary of what you watched in the video. Include your own opinions if you’d like!

milan starbucks opening coffee controversy news video


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