Upside-Down Rhino Research Wins A 2021 Ig Nobel Prize

Sometimes science is weird. The Ig-Nobel Prize is awarded to scientists whose research goes beyond the traditional experiment. This year’s winner? A team that hung rhinos upside-down to measure their blood flow! It’s tough being a rhino these days.

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Upside-Down Rhino Research Wins A 2021 Ig Nobel Prize | Definition Match

Put the following words to the correct definitions.

Upside-Down Rhino Research Wins A 2021 Ig Nobel Prize | Fill in the Blank

Fill the empty spaces with the proper words.

Upside-Down Rhino Research Wins A 2021 Ig Nobel Prize | True of False

Indicate which sentences are true and which ones are false.

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Full Text:

An experiment that hung rhinoceroses upside down to see what effect it had on the animals has been awarded one of this year’s Ig Nobel prizes.

This prize, often considered a joke that should make you think, is presented by real Nobel laureates. The prize: a trophy they had to assemble from a PDF print-out and a cash prize in the form of a counterfeit 10 trillion dollar Zimbabwean banknote.

Other recipients of this year’s prize included a group who studied the bacteria in chewing gum stuck to pavement; another studied how to control cockroaches on submarines; a third studied communication between humans and cats.

What could be more important (or daft) than hanging 12 rhinos upside down for 10 minutes from helicopters? The rhino study does exactly this. The team wanted to know if the animals’ health might be compromised while slung in that position from a crane. Surprisingly, this experiment had not been conducted before.

Their evidence, in fact, showed that rhinos coped better in this upside-down position than lying down on their chest or on their side. As it turns out, being upside-down for a rhino is much like standing up normally, their lungs were equally perfused. It will be exciting to see which animals are next.

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The CN Tower

The most distinguishable part of Toronto’s skyline, Canada’s National Tower is a remarkable and iconic landmark, one of the world’s top tourist destinations and Canada’s most celebrated and visited attractions. An engineering marvel and internationally acclaimed entertainment and dining destination – it is a symbol of achievement and culture that can be found throughout Canada.

The CN Tower is visited by over 1.5 million people each year who enjoy breathtaking views and all the CN Tower has to offer: fly to the top with the world’s No. 1 Elevator Ride. The Tower elevators take only 58 seconds to get to the top. Spectacular views of up to 160km away from four observation areas which include the LookOut, world famous (and world’s first) Glass Floor, the outdoor SkyTerrace, and the SkyPod, at 447m the highest of them all. Open seasonally from April-November, EdgeWalk at the CN Tower is the most exciting extreme attraction in the Tower’s history and the world’s highest outdoor walk on a building. The three restaurants up top will leave you fulfilled, and the rest of the attractions include a cutting-edge theatre, the KidZone play area and 10,000 square feet of unique Canadian artisan souvenir shopping in the Gift Shop. Toronto’s ultimate event venue, the CN Tower hosts over 500 events each year from receptions and dinners to product launches and events for 2 to 2000 people. The spectacular architectural illumination of the CN Tower begins at dusk each night with top of the hour light show.


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Esercizio di lettura: CN Tower

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