History Time: The Italian Economic Miracle 1958- 1963

With the Italian economy currently paused due to the terrible outbreak of Covid-19 in the country, we take a look into a historical event that could provide some reasons to be positive and hopeful for the future after the crisis.

After World War II the Italian economy, similar to now, was in a terrible position. Fighting and bombing in the country had reduced many cities to rubble and foreign armies had been occupying the country for years. People were poor and mainly lived in rural areas. Following the war, the Americans and others were worried that Italy could become a communist country, so they pumped £1.5 billion into the economy between 1948 and 1954 as part of the Marshall Plan to make sure this would not happen.

This stimulated the economy greatly and Italian economy began to climb back to the level it was at before the war. Italy still had a big population and therefore a large and cheap labour force ready for action. Korean War in 1950 helped the steel industry and the manufacturing and export sectors continued to grow. Italy joined the European Common Market in 1957, bringing more investments and the possibility of Middle Eastern oil exploration and from then on the economy boomed. The economic triangle in the north became famous for producing fashionable clothes and shoes, typewriters, refrigerators, washing machines, scooters like the Vespa and Lambretta and cars which included the economical Fiats and the more luxury Lamborghini and Alfa Romeo. Many people, approximately 9 million, moved from the South to the North to find jobs in the new factories and the cities of Milan, Turin and Genoa exploded with new metropolitan areas. For the first time many people were able to afford cars, televisions and washing machines. Between 1950 and 1962 the GDP of Italy doubled and the standard of living for the entire population increased dramatically.

This can surely be a lesson that out of the darkness there can come light. At the moment Italy faces a grave and serious situation indeed, as the inability of people to move and the collapse of tourism has greatly hurt the economy. Another economic boom could be the solution, although with climate change affecting the world also, perhaps this crisis will be the moment we are shaken from our sleep and the following decades will result in the real change that Italy and the rest of the world needs.

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Italian Economic Miracle: Definitions

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The Italian Economic Miracle: True or False

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Gerund vs Infinitive: English Grammar Exercise

One of the hardest concepts for someone learning English as a foreign language is how to form verbs and what structures to use with them. Today we will tackle when to use the gerund and when to use the infinitive after a specific verb. Unfortunately, this is one of the classic exceptions in the English language where there is no specific rule to follow, which means you have even more reason to practice as much as possible! So here’s a brief explanation of some of the primary verbs that deal with the gerund vs. the infinitive:

So, with that explanation in mind, how about we put your skills to the test and try out one of our latest quizzes? Scrambled Eggs English School in Milan is always concocting something new in their laboratory to give you the best in English language learning, and today’s English quiz is no exception. Give it a try and see what score you can get!

Verbs + Gerund/Infinitive

Use your best English language skills to complete the following quiz.

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Estrella, the 2-legged dog

Today’s English lesson of the day is about Estrella, the 2-legged dog that is winning everyone’s hearts over.

To follow the lesson, start by doing a quick vocabulary check of the words in the video.

Then, when you think you are ready, read the small excerpt describing Estrella’s situation:

Two-Legged Dog Becomes Town Celebrity

Most people would rather live the lives of their dogs, but for Estrella, who was born without her front legs, it’s no walk in the park living her life. She is used to living like a kangaroo more than her own species. She certainly has a challenge in life, but the Peruvian mutt doesn’t let her disability hold her back, gaining celebrity status in the small town of Tinga Maria. By now, she’s used to having cameras on her, as she lives life as a viral sensation.
The one-and-a-half-year-old was taken in by an animal shelter after she was abandoned by her owners at only six months old, and now she’s jumping for joy, as happy as any other dog.
The shelter, which Ivan Escobar and his wife run, is gaining popularity because of their new handicapped member. The couple wasn’t used to having so much publicity, but they have taken advantage of Estrella's fame by raising funds and awareness for abandoned animals. As a result, they can now take in more abandoned animals.
They say they’ve loved watching her develop her new walking skills. Estrella's disability does not bring her down and she often plays with the shelter's dogs like a regular pup. It's hoped she'll make families think twice before abandoning pets born with defects.