Wild Bison Will Be Released In the UK – English Language Exercise

Wild bison are to return to the UK for the first time in 6,000 years, with the release of a small herd in Kent planned for spring 2022.

The £1m project to reintroduce the animals will help to secure the future of an endangered species. But they will also naturally regenerate a former pine wood plantation by killing off trees. This creates a healthy mix of woodland, insect, bird and plant life. This is fantastic for the local environment.

During the initial release, one male and three females will be set free. Natural breeding will increase the size of the herd, with one calf per year normal for each female. The bison will come from the Netherlands or Poland, where releases have been successful and safe.

Populations of the UK’s most important wildlife have plummeted by an average of 60% since 1970. Britain is one of the most nature-depleted countries in the world, despite the best efforts of conservationists.

Bison kill selected trees by eating their bark or rubbing against them to remove their thick winter fur. This creates a feast of dead wood for insects, which provide food for birds. It also creates sunny clearings where native plants can thrive. The trust expects nightingales and turtle doves to benefit from the bison’s “ecosystem engineering”.

The Steppe bison is thought to have roamed the UK until about 6,000 years ago, when hunting and changes in habitat led to its global extinction. The European bison that will be released in Kent is a descendant of this species and its closest living relative.


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Adapted from https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2020/jul/10/wild-bison-to-return-to-uk-kent

Liverpool win the Premier League

It has taken 30 years, but Liverpool are champions of England once again. The club’s 19th championship and first of the Premier League era was confirmed after Manchester City’s 2-1 defeat to Chelsea. The match was played after the recent return of football from the 3-month lockdown due to coronavirus.

An emphatic defeat of Crystal Palace on Wednesday put them within two points of the title but that it didn’t matter after City’s slip at Stamford Bridge. Last year’s Premier League champions trail their successors by a remarkable 23 points with seven matches remaining and will be expected to provide a guard of honour when the two clubs meet at the Etihad Stadium next Thursday. Guards of honour are traditional, not compulsory, and require the agreement of all parties.

The manager Jürgen Klopp watched the City game at Formby Hall golf club together with the players as Liverpool clinched the crown that has eluded them since Kenny Dalglish led the club to its last championship on 28 April 1990. Madonna was No 1 in the UK singles chart at the time with Vogue.

Liverpool have won the Premier League title, Champions League, Club World Cup and Uefa Super Cup within 13 extraordinary months and are on course to demolish several domestic records this season, many held by City. Liverpool have won the Premier League with most games to spare, breaking the record of five held jointly by City (2017-18) and Manchester United (2000-01).

They could end the campaign with a staggering 107 points, eclipsing the record of 100 set by City in 2017-18, most victories in a Premier League season (eclipsing City’s 32 from 2017-18 and 2018-19), most home wins and the biggest title-winning points margin.

The club captain, Jordan Henderson, will have to wait until late July to lift the Premier League trophy and while the ban on mass gatherings prevents a parade through Liverpool city centre the club plan to hold a celebration with supporters when it is deemed safe to do so.


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Adapted from https://www.theguardian.com/football/2020/jun/25/liverpool-win-premier-league-after-manchester-city-are-beaten-by-chelsea

10 More False Friends in English and Italian

Don’t let false friends catch you out! We are back with 10 more of those words that you think “oh I know it, it’s similar in Italian” but actually it means something completely, or quite, different. Take a look at these ones to make sure you don’t use them when you shouldn’t!

Accidente- Accident

The Italian word accidente translated to English is actually a coincidence, misfortune or sickness. Instead the English accident is an unpleasant event that happens unexpectedly causing injury or damage. (incidente, infortunio)

Confrontare- Confront

This seems like a straightforward translation… oh wait, false friend! The Italian verb confrontare in English means to compare two things. However the English verb confront means to deal with a difficult situation or problem. (affrontare)

Conveniente- Convenient

The Italian adjective conveniente translated to English means good value and it is worth the money it costs or something that is suitable and appropriate. Instead the English adjective convenient means something is useful, quick and easy to do. (comodo)

Educazione- Education

In Italian the word educazione refers to your upbringing and good manners that usually your parents gave you whereas the English education refers specifically to your schooling and university, the process of teaching, training and learning. (istruzione/ insegnamento)

Fattoria- Factory

This is a difficult one for English speaking learners of Italian! The Italian noun fattoria simply refers to a farm in English. Instead the English factory is the building where items are made, usually by a lot of workers or machinery! (fabbrica)

Eventualmente- Eventually

This looks like an obvious translation but actually it’s not at all! The Italian adverb eventualmente means possibly, potentially, or if need be. However the English eventually used to mean the end of a period of time or series of events. (finalmente/ prima o poi)

Parenti- Parents

Another one that is often very hard to remember and often mistaken. The Italian parenti translates to English as relatives, or the people outside of your immediate family, like your aunts, uncles, cousins etc. However the English word parents literally just means your mother and father. (genitori)

Libreria- Library

The Italian libreria is known in English as a bookshop. Instead in English a library is the place you can borrow books. (biblioteca)

Stampa- Stamp

In Italian stampa means the entire media, or the printing press. A stamp in English is the little square piece of paper that you pay for and then stick in the corner of letters. In the UK it has a picture of the queen’s head on it! (francobollo)

Stipendio- Stipend

There is only a slight distinction here but an important one! The Italian stipendio refers to your salary or monthly wage from your employer. However in English a stipend is usually a small extra payment that only covers living expenses. (stipendio)


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