10 More Important Irregular Past Verbs!

Those irregular verbs! They always cause problems – why do they have to be so different? It can seem like a big challenge to remember all of the irregular verbs, but you can do it if you memorise them in small groups.

It’s important to keep improving your knowledge of these verbs step by step, so here are a few exercises to help you remember 10 important past verbs:

Irregular Past Verbs Quiz

Choose the right irregular verb at the past.


How did it go? Did you learn some new words? Try to write a sentence with each of these irregular past verbs to help you to remember them. You can even write them in the comments below!

When you are done, try our most common irregular past tense verbs exercise to make sure you know the key verbs!


The Bloggs Family Tree – English Listening Comprehension Exercise

Hey guys, it’s time to play! Oggi nel nostro blog vi parliamo di alberi genealogici e, più in particolare, dell’albero genealogico della famiglia Bloggs!

Joe, Janet, Helen, Freddy… riuscite a star dietro alle varie generazioni?

Prendetevi il vostro tempo per ascoltare la traccia audio che abbiamo creato per voi, e scoprite con noi la famiglia Bloggs! Siete in grado di ricostruire questo intricato albero genealogico? È tempo di mettersi alla prova!

Per testare le vostre abilità di comprensione orale, abbiamo anche preparato due piccoli esercizi per voi! Quante risposte riuscite ad indovinare?!


The Bloggs Family Tree | True or False

Decide if the statement is true or false.

The Bloggs Family Tree | Fill in the Blank

Put the following words to the correct definitions.

Full Text:

“Joe Bloggs is 70 years old, and he’s retired. Joe’s wife Janet is as old as Joe. She is a writer. Joe’s children are called Helen and Freddy. Helen is two years older than Freddy, who is 38 years old. Helen is an architect and Freddy is a salesman. Helen and Freddy are both married. Helen’s husband David is much older than her. He is 15 years older, and he is an accountant. They have two children, Chris and Harry. Chris, who is 16, is five years older than Harry. Freddy’s wife Anne is a little younger than him, 1 year younger, to be exact. She is a doctor. Their daughter’s name is Chloe. Chloe is 3 years old.”

Esercizio di lettura in inglese: Toronto’s CN Tower

Oggi parliamo della torre più alta del mondo fino al 2008: Canada’s National Tower. Costruita nel 1976, è alta 553.3 m e rimane ancora oggi un simbolo della città e di tutto il Paese. Scopri di più con il nostro esercizio di lingua inglese!

imparare inglese a milano

The CN Tower

The most distinguishable part of Toronto’s skyline, Canada’s National Tower is a remarkable and iconic landmark, one of the world’s top tourist destinations and Canada’s most celebrated and visited attractions. An engineering marvel and internationally acclaimed entertainment and dining destination – it is a symbol of achievement and culture that can be found throughout Canada.

The CN Tower is visited by over 1.5 million people each year who enjoy breathtaking views and all the CN Tower has to offer: fly to the top with the world’s No. 1 Elevator Ride. The Tower elevators take only 58 seconds to get to the top. Spectacular views of up to 160km away from four observation areas which include the LookOut, world famous (and world’s first) Glass Floor, the outdoor SkyTerrace, and the SkyPod, at 447m the highest of them all. Open seasonally from April-November, EdgeWalk at the CN Tower is the most exciting extreme attraction in the Tower’s history and the world’s highest outdoor walk on a building. The three restaurants up top will leave you fulfilled, and the rest of the attractions include a cutting-edge theatre, the KidZone play area and 10,000 square feet of unique Canadian artisan souvenir shopping in the Gift Shop. Toronto’s ultimate event venue, the CN Tower hosts over 500 events each year from receptions and dinners to product launches and events for 2 to 2000 people. The spectacular architectural illumination of the CN Tower begins at dusk each night with top of the hour light show.


Ora metti in pratica la tua comprensione del testo. Rispondi alle domande per migliorare il tuo lessico!

Esercizio di lettura: CN Tower

Match the word to the below definition:

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