Learn English with the News – Pope says gossip is a ‘plague worse than Covid’

Pope Francis, known as one of the most (if not the most) revolutionary popes in all history, has recently said that gossiping is worse than the coronavirus! A dramatic stance to say the least, it is certainly nothing short of controversial. Watch the video and then do the accompanying English language exercises.

The news is a consistent source of entertainment, knowledge and discovery that never ceases to exist and always comes out with more and more material each day. Because it plays such a vital part in our lives and is so important to keep up with, it is without a doubt a piece of your everyday routine that can’t go ignored. 

Whether it is to understand the ramifications of recent legislation passed, to hear about recent events and grasp the potential consequences to your country, or simply hear about what is happening in other countries in order to compare them to what’s happening in yours, the news is certainly a staple in our lives and the most consistent way to get information.

This is why Scrambled Eggs has decided to unite two of your biggest worlds: learning English and keeping up with what is happening in the world. We hope our challenging daily exercises, composed of listening, vocabulary and comprehension exercises in English, will satisfy both of those above worlds in a satisfactory and also entertaining way.

So enough about introductions, let’s get to today’s Learn English with the News topic:

Adapted from this article.

Now that you’ve had a listen, let’s put your knowledge to the test with some of our vocabulary and comprehension exercises:

Pope says gossip is a 'plague worse than Covid' | Definition Match

Match the words to the correct definitions.

Pope says gossip is a 'plague worse than Covid' | Fill in the Blank

Put the following words to the correct definitions.

Pope says gossip is a 'plague worse than Covid' | True or False

Decide if the statement is true or false.


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Full Text:

On Sunday September the 6 th, Pope Francis told his supporters that gossiping is a ‘plague worse than COVID’, and that it is seeking to divide the Roman catholic church. He urged people to keep away from anyone who gossips, and to avoid doing it yourself.
He originally had a different text prepared for his holy mass, but instead doubled down on his
frequent complaint about gossiping within the Vatican and the church communities as a whole.
Francis then went on to say that the devil is the ‘biggest gossiper’ who wants to split the church
with his lies.
As part of his effort to stop gossiping, he asked his followers ‘please brothers and sisters, let’s try not to gossip. Gossip is a plague worse than COVID. Worse. Let’s make a big effort: No gossiping!’
The pope has regularly warned of the risks of gossiping and has also protested against Internet trolls.
“If something goes wrong, offer silence and prayer for the brother or sister who makes a mistake,
but never gossip,” he said on Sunday.