Nuovo corso di inglese di gruppo a Milano: Fall 2018

Purtroppo è giunto il momento di salutare l’estate. Si torna al lavoro e a scuola. Per fortuna c’è l’inglese per aiutarti a passare questo periodo difficile!

Scrambled Eggs scuola di inglese a Milano ti presenta il nuovo ciclo del corso di inglese di gruppo Fall 2018. Cercavi un corso di inglese che funziona? Scopri il corso di inglese che cambierà il modo in cui impari l’inglese.

  • Lezioni stimolanti, innovative e aggiornate con tecnologia d’avanguardia in aula
  • Piccoli gruppi fino a 6 persone, ideali per il migliore apprendimento della lingua inglese
  • Insegnanti madrelingua inglesi i quali sono qualificati, competenti e, soprattutto, divertenti!
  • 10 incontri serali da 90 minuti di 1 volta a settimana, perfetto per il tuo calendario
  • Tutto a un prezzo conveniente

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How to Properly Use the Word “Cheers”

Scrambled Eggs è una scuola di inglese a Milano con un team di insegnanti madrelingua inglesi provenenti da tutto il mondo. Nonostante parlino la stessa lingua, loro hanno culture e tradizioni completamente diverse l’uno dall’altro. Ringraziamo il nostro insegnante Richard, che viene dalla Scozia, per il post sul termine Cheers e sui suoi differenti e sconosciuti usi rispetto agli altri Paesi anglosassoni. Enjoy!

Cheers, mate!

“Cheers” is globally famous as a word to say before you take the first sip of an alcoholic drink with a friend/friends (not to mention the famous American sitcom based in Boston). You touch your glasses/bottles together (‘chink’ them) and say the famous word.

Beware! It’s considered rude to not look the other people in the eyes while you do this!

Italians tend to also touch the glass/bottle to the table before taking a sip, but British and American people do not do this. Cheers should always be said before the very first drink, and possibly before every drink from then on, depending on the people’s customs.

In the UK, however, “Cheers” has a different meaning. It is a colloquial (slang) way to say ‘thank you’. It can also be used instead of the word ‘goodbye’, but only in a situation where you’ve been served something e.g. in a shop, restaurant, bar, or ticket office.


Imagine this:

A British person walks into a London pub with a friend, to have a couple of beers. He says to the barman: “Two pints, please. Cheers.”

The barman pours the pints, and says “That’s £8 please.”

The man gives the barman a tenner (a ten-pound note), and when the barman returns £2 change he says “Cheers”.

Then, handing one of the beers to his friend, the British man raises his glass and says “Cheers!” once more. They chink glasses, and drink.

At the end of the evening the British man and his friend leave the pub, and as he walks out the British man calls to the barman: “Goodnight, cheers!”

Cheers for reading, now go out and grab a few pints!

Word of the day: Overwhelming

Today’s word of the day is: Overwheming (adjective)

Overwhelming is a word we use to describe something serious, complex, or powerful. It is used to describe a situation or a thing. An overwhelming situation is not impossible to overcome, but it will certainly require a lot of effort.

Let’s see some examples for overwhelming things and situations:

  1. There was an overwhelming view from the cliff. I almost began to cry from its beauty. desert_milano_scuola_inglese
    Note:This is obviously a very positive side of overwhelming, generally used for art or beauty.
  1. Sharon has an overwhelming amount of work to do. Where should she start?

Studiare Inglese a Milano

  1. Math is an overwhelming subject for Jeff at university!

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As is the case with your typical –ing adjectives, this one can also be converted into an –ed adjective (think exciting vs. excited, interesting vs. interested).

I was overwhelmed by the view from the cliff. (It’s an overwhelming view).

Sharon is overwhelmed by the amount of work to do. (She has an overwhelming amount of work to do.)

Jeff is overwhelmed by math. (Math is an overwhelming subject).


Take a test for yourself with overwhelmed vs. overwhelming:


  1. Last night I stayed at the office until 8 p.m. It was an ______________ night!
  1. After the performance, the crowd applauded for over 5 minutes. The orchestra’s conductor was _________________ by the respect.
  1. The last time I was here was over 20 years ago. I can’t believe how many ______________ changes have occurred here since then.
  1. Working at this company is an ________________ challenge.
  1. We were so ______________ by this project that we didn’t even get a chance to eat lunch!

Click here for answers.