Comparing Cities | English Grammar Exercise (Comparatives)

Everyone loves travelling and visiting different world cities. The different food, history and architecture is always fantastic to see. It is also very common for people to compare cities. It is useful to compare cities in regards to the quality of life, the transport, the nightlife and many more aspects!

Here are some of Daniele’s thoughts about the different cities he has been to. Read the text and then try the exercise below…

“In the past, I lived in Paris and New York and I must say, New York is a very friendly place. Instead, I found Paris to be a bit unfriendly. Originally I come from Milan and my girlfriend is from Padova. It’s a small Italian city whereas Milan is one of the biggest. I have travelled to both London and Tokyo and they are both enormous! I’ve also visited America and in Houston, the air is difficult to breathe, there’s so much pollution! In Boston the air is very clean. One of my favourite small cities is York in England, it’s so old and nice. Instead my favourite large city is Beijing, it’s very new and exciting. I have friends that live in Rome and Naples and everyone tells me they are both very fun cities!”

Read the text more times if you need to. Then try the exercise below!

City Life | Comparatives Quiz

Fill in the blank with the correct word or words. Use the story above to help you.

Phrasal Verbs with ‘Get’ Quiz

Two things that many English learners find difficult are phrasal verbs and the verb ‘to get’. So we thought we would help you out and combine the two! Here we introduce phrasal verbs that use ‘get’. Take a look at the verbs and their meaning first and then try our quiz!

The following definitions are not the only ones for these verbs, sometimes there’s more than one! But here are the most popular ones to get you started.

Get across– To communicate an idea successfully

Get along– To have a good relationship/ friendship with someone

Get by– To be able to live, despite difficulty

Get down– To feel sad or depressed

Get rid of– To eliminate, discard or throw something away

Get through– To survive a difficult period

Phrasal Verbs with Get

Select the correct verb to fill the gap

Adapted from 19 English Phrasal Verbs With Get | OTUK (

5 Reasons to Visit Scotland

It seems like a long time since the opportunity to travel was available… but we want to be positive and imagine a time in the future when it will be possible again. Here are 5 reasons to visit the fantastic country of Scotland. Practice your English reading, learn some new words and let your imagination take you away!

The Fantastic Landscapes

Scotland is a historic and famous country. It is famous for many reasons, but one of the main ones is for its stunning natural landscapes. It has by far the most striking landscapes in the UK, with jagged mountain ranges, rolling hills, forests, lochs (the Scottish word for lakes) and beaches. It has become very popular to do the country’s northern 500 mile driving route, which is Scotland’s answer to the American Highway 69. The route takes in the northern coastline of the Highlands from Inverness, circling down through the west coast. It may take you longer than a normal drive because you will need to stop every few miles to take photos!

Lots of Activities

There are many ways to enjoy Scotland’s fantastic nature and the list of activities you can do is endless. Hiking, biking and sailing are all very popular. There is also the opportunity to try surfing in some northern spots, as well as some lesser known sports like clay pigeon shooting. Of course, Scotland is famous for its fantastic golf courses. Whatever you do, the best way to enjoy the country is to get out of the car and explore. Hit the hiking trails or take a tour around a loch and you will not be disappointed.


Scotland has an abundance of beautiful wildlife to enjoy and try to catch a glimpse of! Some of the most famous creatures are the deer, in particular the Scottish stag with its giant impressive antlers. There are also Highland cows, otters, foxes and red squirrels. Along the coast you can keep an eye out for whales, dolphins and seals. If you are very lucky you could see a Scottish wildcat, which is around the size of a normal cat but just a bit tougher looking! They are an endangered species so you will need to be very fortunate to see one!

Food and Drink

Scotland is famous for its whiskey production and there are over one hundred distilleries in the country. Here you can taste some of the finest whiskey in the world and enjoy the splendid Scottish countryside at the same time. Every whiskey has its own distinct flavour and you can take a tour of the distilleries and learn more about its production. But if whiskey is not your tipple, then Scotland has a growing scene for craft beer and gin as well, so there is something for everyone. On the food side of things, there are some famous Scottish dishes to try, like Haggis, which is a delightful meat dish made of minced lamb.

The Cities

Edinburgh and Glasgow are the most famous Scottish cities and certainly Edinburgh should not be missed on any trip to Scotland. The capital city is a beautiful place, with a medieval old town centre and a Georgian new town as well, with many wonderful neo-classical buildings. It is a true pleasure to wander around the city for a day and enjoy the little old street and the charming shops. The city comes alive during the month of August when the Edinburgh Fringe Festival comes to town. The event lasts the whole month and there are lots of comedy and music events to attend in venues across the city, many of them for free!

Thank you for reading! Now try the quizzes below to test your knowledge of the vocabulary and the general content of the article.

5 Reasons to Visit Scotland | Definitions Quiz

Match the word to the correct definition.

5 Reasons to Visit Scotland | True or False

Decide if the statement is true or false.