Five links on animals for kids

Kids love animals which is why it is a great way to get them excited about English, here are five useful links to get them started.

Here is an interactive board game the whole family can play. The chips and the dice move. For more advanced learners you can take this game further by asking them whether or not they like the animal they have landed on and get them to make the sound.

Here is a great game to help with spelling:

A fun interactive video:

For more advanced learners this description game (animal category) can be good to learn characteristics of the animals:


Here there are games to practice spelling, grammar and vocabulary all on the topic of animals:


There are many little things you could do at home to help your children learn animal vocabulary in English. Why not take a trip to the zoo and ask them how many animals they can name. Ask them to describe their favourite animal in English or their pets if they have any. Hearing parents speak English will also give them a little boost of confidence in trying out the language.

Young Adults Renting Next Door to Retirees

There are many explanations: isolation among the elderly, rising rents almost anywhere near a coastal city, average life-expectancy increasing, an aging population, decreased birth rate, rising college tuition… While this seems less common in countries like Italy, it is a huge problem in the United States.

Watch the video and then do the accompanying English language exercises.

The news is a consistent source of entertainment, knowledge and discovery that never ceases to exist and always comes out with more and more material each day. Because it plays such a vital part in our lives and is so important to keep up with, it is without a doubt a piece of your everyday routine that can’t go ignored.

Whether it is to understand the ramifications of recent legislation passed, to hear about recent events and grasp the potential consequences to your country, or simply hear about what is happening in other countries in order to compare them to what’s happening in yours, the news is certainly a staple in our lives and the most consistent way to get information.

This is why Scrambled Eggs has decided to unite two of your biggest worlds: learning English and keeping up with what is happening in the world. We hope our challenging daily exercises, composed of listening, vocabulary and comprehension exercises in English, will satisfy both of those above worlds in a satisfactory and also entertaining way.

So enough about introductions, let’s get to today’s Learn English with the News topic:

Adapted from this article.

Young Adults Renting Next Door to Retirees | Definition Match

Put the following words to the correct definitions.

Young Adults Renting Next Door to Retirees | Fill in the Blank

Fill in the blanks with the correct words.

Young Adults Renting Next Door to Retirees | True or False

Decide if the statements are true or false.

And that’s it for today’s English lesson, where you can improve your English with the news and current events. Do you have any comments or special requests for us for the next edition of Learn English with the News? Be sure to leave any feedback you have in the comments section below. We would love to help you on your quest to learn the English language!

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Full text:

America’s latest housing trend is not about décor or “open concepts.” It’s about the rise of intergenerational—separated by at least one generation—roommates.

There are many explanations: isolation among the elderly, rising rents almost anywhere near a coastal city, average life-expectancy increasing, an aging population, decreased birth rate, rising college tuition… The fact is that older folks have space available, and tend to be happier with a young person around.

In one case, an opera singer and other musicians lived rent-free in a retirement community. How? They agreed to perform concerts for the residents occasionally.

Biologically, this type of living arrangement is kind of humanity’s natural state.

While almost all animals rapidly die off after they become too old to procreate, humans are capable of living decades beyond infertility.

Scholars think this is because our intelligence and life experiences, imparted into the next generation, act as another way to guarantee our genetics are transferred. For example, if you can live long enough to explain to your children and grandchildren which mushrooms they can eat, which snakes are poisonous, etc., those people will have a better chance of survival than a family who lost their parents early on.

Robbery | Listening Exercise

Scrambled Eggs Scuola di Inglese welcomes you to our blog! We have been teaching English in a beautiful location next to the Navigli for many years now, and we know that if a student would really like to progress with their language it is essential that they do regular study at home as well as in the classroom. We hope you like the listening exercise about a bank robbery below and you can make a habit of practicing a little at home every day!

While bank robberies make for great movie plots, the robbers rarely get away with their crimes! Once they are accused, the police quickly begin to investigate and the criminals are often convicted within weeks!

In todays blog, we are going to listen to two people talking about a bank robbery and the process of the criminal investigation!

Now try the following exercises to practice and improve your skills.

Robbery | Fill in the Gap

Fill in the gaps with the correct words.

Robbery | True or False

Decide if the statements are true or false.

Hmm, do you think Matteo’s boss is guilty, or is it just a big coincidence? Maybe Matteo is letting things play out so he can get a better job! Let us know in the comments below!

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