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George Orwell, 1984

In the dismal aftermath of World War Two, in 1949, British writer and journalist George Orwell penned what is possibly the most famous dystopian novel of all time: 1984. The story takes place in an imagined future, where Britain is a totalitarian superstate called Oceania, and its people are ruled by intense government surveillance, censorship, and control.

Revolutionary in its use of language, and terrifying accurate in its depictions of society, the novel has haunted, inspired, and educated many a generation of readers. It remains highly relevant today.

Below, you’ll read the opening passages of the book. Some words have been left out. First, you’ll fill in the blanks by choosing the option you think makes the most sense. Then, in the next exercise, you’ll strengthen your vocabulary by confirming the meaning of some of the most challenging words from the excerpt and from this introduction. Enjoy!

Orwell 1984 | Fill In The Blank

Fill out the text below with the correct answers.

Orwell 1984 | Definition Match 1

Match the word with its synonym.

Orwell 1984 | Definition Match 2

Match the word with its synonym.


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