Listening Exercise: Next Week at Work

The following audio exercise is about 3 people and what they are going to do in their jobs next week.

Introduction exercise: Try to match the activities with the job!

Job Activities

Match the job activity to the job. Hint: there may be multiple possibilities, so focus on the most relevant answer!

Please choose 5 activities for each job.

Now, have a listen and then try to answer the questions below.

Audio: Next Week at Work

Speaker A:

True or False?

1. It’s going to be a normal week for her.

2. She’s going to spend a lot of time in the office.

3. She thinks she’s going to win.

Speaker B:

True or False?

1.     It’s going to be a normal week for him.

2.     Clients are going to come on Wednesday.

3.     He is going to get a lot of mail for himself.

Speaker C:

True or False?

1. Work is going to be easy this week.

2. He is going to attend a wedding this week.

3. Clients are going to meet him this week.

How did you do? You can check your answers at the bottom of this blog. If you would like an extra challenge, listen to the audio again and click here to try our gap fill exercise.

If you need any help, see the audio transcript at the bottom of the page. Enjoy!

Audio Transcript:

A: I have a case next week, so it’s going to be a really challenging week. I’m going to file my reports on Monday, and then we’re going to argue in court and defend my client’s innocence. I’m not going to the office because I’m going to be at the courthouse all week. During court, I’m going to interview witnesses and later I’m going to negotiate with the judge. In the end, I think we’re going to win.

B: This week is really going to be tough! I am going to spend most of my time answering phones, because this is a busy period for the company. On Tuesday morning the mail comes in, so I am going to receive and distribute it to all my colleagues. I never get mail, but I like distributing it. On Wednesday we are expecting some important clients, so I’m going to greet them when they come in. I hope it’s going to be a successful meeting, and I’m going to do my best to help.

C: Work is going to be slow next week. Just a few days ago I finished a big project, so this week I’m going to work on a project for next month. I’m going to research venues for a wedding, because I have a nice couple getting married. I’m going to collaborate with them and gather information on their interests, and then I’m going to propose ideas for the party.

Answers to True/False questions:

1 F
2 F
3 T
1 F
2 T
3 F
1 T
2 F
3 T

5 parole da imparare per raggiungere il livello B1

Buongiorno a tutti ragazzi! Eccoci con un nuovo blog della rubrica #5Words.
Ci sono parole che dovresti sapere, e poi ci sono parole che devi assolutamente conoscere per raggiungere un certo livello di inglese. Curioso di sapere quali siano?

Per raggiungere il livello B1, cioè un livello intermedio basso, caratterizzato da un lessico semplice ma efficace e da comprensione e interazione limitate ma sempre utili, questi 5 verbi inglesi possono aiutarti a fare un salto di qualità.
Dagli un’occhiata, che aspetti??

5 parole per raggiungere il livello B1 in inglese


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