English Grammar Exercise (Simple Past Irregulars)

One of the hardest things when you’re learning English are the irregular verbs! It’s difficult to remember them all. But, remember that learning a language is not a memorisation game, and consistent exposure to the language through comprehensible input (reading and listening at your level) will always be the best way to improve your use and recognition of these irregulars.

However, it is still good to practice with some grammar exercises now and then, so here we are with a Simple Past Irregulars exercise!

Have a quick look at the table here Common irregular verbs in English in a table (englisch-hilfen.de) and then try our quiz below to test your skills!

English Grammar Exercise | Simple Past Irregulars

Write the correct irregular past verb in the gap.

Phrasal Verbs with ‘Get’ Quiz

Two things that many English learners find difficult are phrasal verbs and the verb ‘to get’. So we thought we would help you out and combine the two! Here we introduce phrasal verbs that use ‘get’. Take a look at the verbs and their meaning first and then try our quiz!

The following definitions are not the only ones for these verbs, sometimes there’s more than one! But here are the most popular ones to get you started.

Get across– To communicate an idea successfully

Get along– To have a good relationship/ friendship with someone

Get by– To be able to live, despite difficulty

Get down– To feel sad or depressed

Get rid of– To eliminate, discard or throw something away

Get through– To survive a difficult period

Phrasal Verbs with Get

Select the correct verb to fill the gap

Adapted from 19 English Phrasal Verbs With Get | OTUK (onlineteachersuk.com)


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