Offers and Opportunities

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Have you ever received an offer that you knew you had to accept? Maybe you didn’t respond quick enough and you lost the opportunity. Today’s blog will talk about essential vocabulary when speaking about offers or opportunities that may come your way!

Feel free to leave a comment about any offers or opportunities you received in the past!

Let’s have a look at some important vocabulary we can use to talk about offers and opportunities.

Do you know any of these words?
Are any of them new to you?











How about you try a little activity to match the words with their correct sentence!

Offers and Opportunities Quiz

Match the words with their correct sentence.

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Gordon the Average Canadian

Canada, true north strong and free. A beautiful country with many sights to see! In this blog we are going to read about a typical Canadian man named Gordon and the things that he normally does. It’s full of stereotypes which are obviously exaggerated and only written as a joke, so do not worry if you think some of the examples are strange or ridiculous! It is simply a caricature of the common Canadian.

Before we get into his story let’s take a look at some vocabulary that you will encounter in order to help you fill in the blanks of the text that will follow:

Pay attention to – To focus on something, usually important.
Be careful about – To make sure to avoid potential harm.
Double check – To look over something a second time to make sure it is accurate.
Hurry up – to do something quicker than you were before.
Watch out for – To be alert to something.
Check out – To take notice of something.
Calm down – To relax yourself, especially after something stressful.

Have you heard or used these words before? Let us know in the comments!

Are you ready to read about Gordon the Average Canadian? Try to use the words above to fill in the blanks below to complete the paragraph.

Gordon The Average Canadian | Fill in the Blank

Fill in the blanks with the correct words.

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Going Green

If we want to last as long as we can on this planet we will need to act in a more sustainable way. This means that we need to live in a way that can continue indefinitely with the resources that are available to us. Many people sum this up in the phrase, “Going green.” Something that’s green may not be referring to its color but to how eco-friendly it is. Examples that make things green are if they use renewable resources, if they are safe for the environment, if they are biodegradable, if they are energy efficient, and anything else that may help the environment. Often this is specifically talking about things that may affect the weather and create climate change. Climate change could lead to global warming which may melt the ice caps and cause catastrophic flooding, make severe weather more common like hurricanes or tornadoes, and higher temperatures may also lead to more wildfires.

What can we do? Why is it happening?

Too much carbon dioxide in the atmosphere may be causing global warming, so reducing everyone’s carbon footprint would help humanity become carbon neutral. By going green we will be reducing the amount of carbon released in the atmosphere which will slow the warming of the atmosphere and prevent many potential disasters!

Green - Vocabulary Excercise

Match the word to its definition.

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