Hello XXXX,

Thank you for coming to our lesson, we worked rather hard on ‘used to’, keep it up! I have attached the slides we worked on so you can review them if you have a chance.

For some extra homework, let’s try some of these exercises:

https://test-english.com/grammar-points/a2/used-to/ an exercise on ‘used to’ for past habits.

https://www.4allpromos.com/blog/do-you-remember-these-13-obsolete-90s-tech-items an article about 1990s technology that is now obsolete.

https://www.elllo.org/grammar/B1-03-Used-To-Rachel-Life-Before.htm I also found a video which can help you further use this.

Finally, using the phrasal verbs we discussed in class, try to discuss a piece of technology (or something else) that you are used to. Write a letter to a pen pal in another country, describing this technology and also what you like or dislike about it.


See you next week,