The Difference Between “There is” and “There are”

The difference between “there is” and “there are” lies in their usage with singular and plural nouns, respectively.

“There is”:

Used with singular nouns.
Indicates the existence of one item or a non-countable noun.
Example: “There is a cat on the roof.” (singular noun)
Example: “There is water in the bottle.” (non-countable noun)

“There are”:

Used with plural nouns.
Indicates the existence of multiple items.
Example: “There are three books on the table.” (plural noun)
Example: “There are five cars on the road.” (plural noun)

Examples for clarity:

Singular: “There is a problem with the computer.”

Plural: “There are many problems with the computer.”

Singular: “There is a car parked outside.”

Plural: “There are several cars parked outside.”

Understanding the distinction helps ensure grammatical correctness in sentences that state the existence or presence of something.

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The Difference Between "There is" and "There are"

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