The SAT has changed, and now so has our SAT level test is too!

Ask someone at Scrambled Eggs for the new level test slides and level test form to complete if you haven’t already.

Explain that in the SAT there are many different types of question. The level test is to understand which questions types they are already good at and which questions we need to focus on more in our lessons together. It also gives us an indication of course of how much more study they need to do before the exam.

It is absolutely essential for every student to practice a lot at home. The level test is a great opportunity to emphasise that fact.

Process of going through the slides

The slides to use are titled ‘The Digital SAT Level Test‘.

Start by explaining that they’re going to try some common question types from the reading and writing section and 2 questions from the math section (they can use a calculator if they wish). Send them the link ( and ask them to complete the questions on the Google form as best they can and to let you know when they are finished. Ask them to write their full name on the form.

There is no strict time limit, but if they haven’t finished after twenty minutes you can check how it’s going and perhaps reassure them that it’s ok if they don’t get everything right! Even if they don’t have a good answer they need to check something and submit the form at the end. It should in theory take about 15 minutes for a student to complete. Note how long it took the student on the teacher’s level test sheet.

When finished, ask them to click on ‘Visualizza Punteggio’ and tell you their total score. Then go through each question type and note on the teacher’s level test sheet which ones they got right or wrong. You could also ask the student to share their screen to simplify this process. There isn’t enough time to go through and explain the correct answer to every question, so reassure the student that we’ll do a lot of practice with the difficult question types in class and don’t get bogged down during the test explaining every question in great detail. The objective of today is to understand what we need to study more int he future, not solve everything today!

Then, go through the other math questions on the following slides simply asking if it is a type of question they have studied before and feel 100% confident with, would like to review, or have never seen before. Note this on the level test form.

Finish by asking them if they have any questions about the exam, and letting them know they can contact us at or by calling the school if they have any doubts.