The SAT has changed, and now so has our SAT level test is too!

Ask someone at Scrambled Eggs for the new level test slides and level test form to complete if you haven’t already.

Explain that in the SAT there are many different types of question. The level test is to understand which questions types they are already good at and which questions we need to focus on more in our lessons together. It also gives us an indication of course of how much more study they need to do before the exam.

It is absolutely essential for every student to practice a lot at home. The level test is a great opportunity to emphasise that fact.

Process of going through the slides

The slides to use are titled ‘The Digital SAT Level Test‘.

Start by explaining that they’re going to try some common question types from the reading and writing section.

Online, send them the link ( and ask them to complete the questions on the Google form as best they can and to let you know when they are finished. Ask them to write their full name on the form.

Tell them they have 15 minutes to complete the questions. Even if they don’t have a good answer, after 15 minutes they need to just select an answer for each question and submit the form. Note how long it took the student on the teacher’s level test sheet.

You should be logged in to the Scrambled Eggs Google account. You can find the login info in the ‘Useful Links and Account Info’ document in the Courses folder on Dropbox. You can also find it on the final slide of the SAT level test slides.

Go to Google Forms:

Search for and open ‘SAT Student Level Test’:

Click on ‘Answers (risposte)’ then ‘Individuals’. Click through to the most recent, number, in this case student 11 of 11, Federico:

As soon as the student in the level test submits their form, this number will change to 11 of 12. You can then click to number 12 and see the answers of the student who just submitted their form. At this point, when you have their answers, you should share your screen again and briefly explain as you note down their score for each section and overall score on the level test sheet, that these results will help us to plan their course and which subjects to focus on.

There isn’t enough time to go through and explain the correct answer to every question, so reassure the student that we’ll do a lot of practice with the difficult question types in class and don’t get bogged down during the test explaining every question in great detail. The objective of today is to understand what we need to study more in the future, not solve everything today!

In person, we have a printed version of the questions on the form. It is behind reception in the red level test folder.
Have the students write their answers on a separate piece of paper and then mark their scores on the sheet.

Math Section

Show the students the math slides, on your screen or on the Smartboard if in person. Ask the students to calculate the answers to the first 2 questions. Write their answers on the sheet.

Then, go through the other math questions on the following slides simply asking if it is a type of question they have studied before and feel 100% confident with, would like to review, or have never seen before. Note this on the level test form. The student does not have to calculate the answers.

The admins will send them a link to Bluebook and they will advise them to do a practice test before their first lesson.