The Wolf and the Crane

Here is another Aesop’s Fable for you to read in English. Read the whole thing without stopping to check words, then try the definitions quiz below.

The Wolf had eaten a lot too fast and had a bone stuck in his throat. He tried very hard to get it out but he could not move it and he could not eat anything at all. This was an awful thing to happen to the greedy Wolf.

So he ran away to find the Crane. He was sure that with her long neck and bill, she would be able to reach into his throat and pull the bone out. The Crane was surprised to see the Wolf coming to her for help, as normally he would try to eat her.

“If you can pull this bone out for me” said the Wolf, “I will give you a fantastic reward.”

The Crane, obviously, was not very sure about putting her head into the Wolf’s throat. But she was brave, and liked the idea of the reward, so she did what the Wolf asked her to do.

When the bone was gone, the Wolf started to walk away.

“Are you going to give me my reward then?” called the Crane.

“Excuse me!”, snarled the Wolf, turning around, “You have your reward already! I let you take your head out of my throat without biting it off!”


Don’t expect a reward from serving the wicked


Now try the definitions quiz below!


Wolf and Crane Definitions Quiz

Try to find the definition of the words in bold


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