The Tito Livio High School English conversation students participated in a school-wide art competition where they created posters to dissuade people from using plastic. Have a look at the below gallery and vote for your favorite artwork!


Poster 1:


‘Our poster wants to report climate change and marine pollution. The situation is dangerous

and tons of animals are dying because of ingestion of plastic. The ecosystem is changing,

animals are in danger as humans. Data says that we eat more than 74 thousands of plastic

particles per year, It’s time we start to act for changing this situation. Everyone can help, and

everyone should help, but how? Simple, by using less plastic stuff, recycling better and use

public transport.’


Poster 2:


‘There’s no planet B, we have to listen to the educated before getting an education, it’s time to act’


Poster 3:



‘We represented a bin which throws garbage and trash on the world, like the most part of the population always do. The world is more polluted everyday, because of our actions and our disrespectful behaviour towards the Earth. So we should stop polluting, indeed even little actions can help the environment and our world to get better. And if the world is less polluted than before, even our life can get better.’


Poster 4:


Poster 5:


Poster 6:


Poster 7:


Poster 8 (Front and back):



Poster 9:


“Fresh From The Sea”

‘With this project we wanted to raise awareness about the problem of plastic in the sea, we chose to represent a market where you can buy fish but you see that you’re actually getting the plastic that you threw in the

ocean and that the fish ate.

This is a really important topic because it’s closer to us and it affects us so much more than it seems’





And it’s time to vote! Voting time will go from Tuesday 12/12 at 9 a.m. until Monday 18/12 at 14:00 p.m. In the ‘Winning class’ box, simply write the number of the poster that you want to win.


Good luck to all posters!


The prize for the winner is a secret and will be announced at the end of the competition.


*** Votes are only valid with a Liceo Tito Livio email address